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Three Reasons You’ll Be High-Fiving Yourself For Choosing A Small Agency

Being wooed by the country’s biggest agencies can feel good.  You get to brag about your advertising agency at cocktail parties, and, depending on your budget, you’ll probably get pretty good boardroom snacks when you visit their offices. But what about the small agency? They’re not out there to flatter you or pander to egos. Smaller agencies are there to get the job done, and get paid.  Here are some reasons that we think you should try working with a small company for your next creative or marketing project.

  1.  You can save money. A lot of it.

Smaller agencies are just that – smaller and more agile. Even if they wanted to follow in the footsteps of a bigger agency and charge you an hourly rate for their Account Manager, Community Manager, Copywriter, Chief Brand Evangelist, Chief Vice Imagineer For Special Projects and their Barista-In-Waiting to attend a meeting about your new Facebook cover photo, they simply couldn’t. Most small agencies operate on a small, but highly-skilled staff set and outsource work to talented freelancers or other smaller companies. They don’t have the time or inclination to over-resource your account for the bottom line. Large agencies sometimes outsource too, but because it’ll only be when they absolutely have to, the markup will be pretty big. Actually, no, it’ll be huge. Which will impact your budget significantly.

  1. You’ll build a close relationship with your Creativity Supplier, which will benefit the output of the creative process.

Ask yourself, how many degrees of separation lie between you and the CEO of the agency company you retain? With a small creative agency, founders and upper management are intrinsically involved in the day to day operations of a business.

Not only that, without the slew of intermediaries mentioned earlier to interfere, you’re pretty much guaranteed to reach the right person and resolve your request faster. If you’re not sold on smaller agencies yet, consider this – since you’ll be building those relationships quickly, you’ll have people who are invested in the success of your company on a personal level, not just on a “let’s make the big money and win an award!” basis.  All of this results in:  more attention to detail, more honesty and openness about the work, and a feeling of true collaboration. Your work isn’t being handled by some faceless, soulless marketing giant – you’re working with a small team of creatives, all dedicated to making sure you get the best end result.

  1. Fresh ideas have the space to happen more often in small, creative teams.

The greatest things about working with smaller agencies, like us:

  • There’s something quite special about seeing a group of people come together to create something amazing. Once that inner fire to be the best has been lit, we’re blazing full-speed ahead to create powerful work that makes an impact. As a small agency, if we don’t create excellent work we won’t get paid, because our clients won’t achieve the results they need. That’s why brilliance is all part of the package.
  • We can’t speak for ALL small companies, but one thing we love to do here at Sly is collaborate. We have a massive pool of talented resources so we’re perfectly positioned to keep things fresh. This also means we can find the best fit for every task, instead of handing all new work over to The Copywriter(™) and getting the same stale output each time.

Put us to the test. We’re ready to push creative boundaries for you.

Look, we know that “cool” comes in all sizes, and everyone has a different flavour of cool. There are probably a couple of big agencies that defy the norms of the traditional ad agency, and they might be able to give you a semblance of what we do. But do yourself a favour. Assign some budget to one of the smaller guys, and get the true luxury of a dedicated boutique agency experience. Trust us, you’ll find it very hard to turn back.

So let’s get you into that high-fiving state of mind. Give us a chance to blow your socks off.

Chat to your friendly neighbourhood, kick-ass, agile, small, powerful creative agency now. Contact Us.


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