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Nobody likes them. Everybody needs them.

Headshots are often the bane of our professional existences. Whether you’re a corporate professional, active in the entertainment industry, starting up your own business or anywhere in between, you will always need a set of high quality shots that paint you in the light you want to be seen in.

How often have you settled for that selfie where you look really thin, or that pic from that wedding where your makeup or hair was really slick? While these pics might make you look good, they are far from the one thing you want to be seen as… professional. Regardless of your industry, you need shots that measure up.

Recruiters, casting directors, booking agents and the like, look to the pic on your CV to get a vibe as to what you’re about. No matter how good you may have looked the last time you went out – the impression left by out of focus, dimly lit, ill composed shots is far from desirable.

And then… as much as you might be tempted to use the “art of angles” to make you look so good you’re unrecognisable, this is not, in fact, a good thing in the long run. When you arrive at that interview or audition and the person in charge asks what you’re doing there – you might realise that photos that are flattering but real are really the way to go. DO NOT be tempted by that retouching app!

At Sly Photo Sessions we go to great lengths to get you to look your absolute best, while simultaneously ticking all the boxes when it comes to technique and professional photography.

An open, fun environment is created at our offices, with OG photographer Dustin van Zyl in the house to make sure the photos are out the top drawer. Next in this foolproof recipe is the overly talented makeup genie Amy Sprawson to make sure your face matches your aspirations. A stylist and director are on call the whole day to assist you. Our customers are on different level of comfort in front of camera, so you can get as much or as little help as you need. Lastly, a delish glass of champers never hurt anyone, whether it be for fun or to calm of the nerves.

We also have some tunes playing and everyone is welcome to hang out before and after. This is more than a photo session, it’s an opportunity to meet like minded folks and maybe make some connections. Who knows? You might change your opinion on photo shoots forever.




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